Time out

VTWe have this great thing here in the UK called parental leave. So great in fact, I’m taking some. I’ve just closed my work laptop, turned off the work e-mail account on my iDevices and that’s it for the next 4 weeks. That’s 30 days of being unplugged from work. Four working weeks and five weekends in total (not that I’m counting). I’m going to stay offline as much as I can, although I might post the occasional photo to Twitter. In the meantime, enjoy the speculation about which biologist will waltz off with the Chemistry Nobel this year and try not to be too disappointed about it. See you in mid-October. Oh, and if you like the idea of working on the Nature Chemistry team for at least 6 months next year, have a look at this. Right, I’m off to spend some time with the two most important people in my life; those lovely ladies pictured in this post.

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