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Back to the future (of chemistry publishing)

So, here’s my obligatory Back-to-the-Future Day post and, because it is me doing this, it’s obviously about chemistry publishing. I figured I’d compare one issue of a journal published in 1985, with an issue published in 2015. Because the last … Continue reading

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The star-spangled postdoc

This post is part of the #BRSMblogparty organized by @JessTheChemist and @AzaPrins to wish @BRSM_blog all the best for his impending postdoc in the US. I spent almost 9 years on the west coast (in the Los Angeles area) and … Continue reading

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A pocket full of what now?

I received the e-mail from @SeeArrOh a little while ago about the impending #ChemMovieCarnival, but I figured I would just be too busy to join in. After seeing the first round up of posts, however, I couldn’t resist, so here’s … Continue reading

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The life editorial (in brief)

With apologies to @BenchFly (who sent me a set of thought-provoking career-related questions a long time ago now — and I promise I will answer them at some point), here is a short post to take part in the #ChemCoach … Continue reading

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Make-or-break chemistry

When I told Rachel that I would write something for the favourite chemical reactions #chemcarnival being organized by C&EN, I started thinking about the reactions I did during my career at the bench (undergrad, PhD, and postdoc). My least favourite … Continue reading

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