Animal authors

Earlier today, I noticed that Sylvain Deville had taken to Twitter to point out an unusual canine co-author on a scientific paper:

This, of course, reminded me of the paper published by Andre Geim (in his pre-Nobel days) and H. A. M. S. ter Tisha. Spot anything odd about that last author? Well, it’s a hamster. Called Tisha.

Steph Kerr then followed up on Twitter with this:

So, that’s a dog, a hamster and a cat. Anybody know of any other non-human co-authors on scientific papers?!

UPDATE: Here’s Sylvain’s post on the same topic.

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2 Responses to Animal authors

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  2. And I was feeling proud of co-authoring a JACS paper, *sigh* I better go back to run on my wheel.

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