The wisdom of Google

After discovering the (absolutely genius) @GooglePoetics twitter feed last night, I was curious to see what Google search autocomplete had to say in a few other cases…

The first choice was obvious:


Well, at least ‘fun’ comes before the other two. How about physics then?


I think it’s fair to say that physics sounds like much more fun than chemistry; Google has a clear favourite. What about biology though?


Ouch! And apparently, unlike physics, biology doesn’t seem to have much to do with sex. After chemistry, physics and biology, I thought I’d branch out a little and consult the Google oracle about nanotech. The results were mixed:


When it comes to pharma, however, Google is not at all optimistic:


And as far as total synthesis is concerned, Google’s answer leaves no room for doubt:

total synthesis

Google doesn’t have anything complimentary to say about quantum mechanics either and the third suggestion is quite the put down…


So what about science as a whole then?


Thankfully, it seems that Google approves of science. Phew. Much more so that it does of religion:


And what about my day job?


Yikes. Well, perhaps I can fashion an alternative career around blogging…


Or maybe not. Anyway, what does Google know?


Hmm, a friendly, evil God. That doesn’t sound good.

(These searches were done on an iPad with very little browser history and I wasn’t logged in to my Google account; your results may vary!).

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2 Responses to The wisdom of Google

  1. Klara says:

    Thanks a lot for making me laugh on this grey wednesday morning :D

  2. rhwoodman says:

    Thanks for that, Stuart. Very amusing.

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