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The last writes

Earlier this week I was looking through the references of a paper that will eventually be published in Nature Chemistry and I noticed the name ‘Brown, H. C.’ in one of them. After checking out the paper in question, I … Continue reading

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Citation circles

Here’s another slide – some chemistry journal citation stats; interpret as you see fit!

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Papers published in 2012

Here’s a copy of a slide from my publishing talk. This compares the numbers of papers published in some general chemistry journals and a few non-chemistry-specific journals; it hammers home just how big PLOS One is! The data comes from … Continue reading

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Friday fun: Selling yourself

Over the last few days I’ve been updating some of the slides I use in my ‘Scientific publishing and communicating chemistry’ talk. One of the slides looks at five general-chemistry journals and pulls some quotes from their websites that they … Continue reading

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For the record

Sarah Everts from C&EN was kind enough to ask me for a comment about Angewandte Chemie to include in her article about its 125th anniversary. My quote is in the third paragraph from the end, but as with all these … Continue reading

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The times they aren’t a-changin’

Thanks to @drpeterrodgers for pointing out these two chemistry-related articles from Nature in 1970. First up, is Chemists are Like Dodos (you need to be a subscriber — sorry), which looks at a report by Prof. Colin Eaborn entitled, ‘Committee of … Continue reading

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The life editorial (in brief)

With apologies to @BenchFly (who sent me a set of thought-provoking career-related questions a long time ago now — and I promise I will answer them at some point), here is a short post to take part in the #ChemCoach … Continue reading

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