Where I’ve been (in the name of SCIENCE!)

I’m not quite sure who started the whole #sciencenomads thing on Twitter (I think either @Chemjobber or @SeeArrOh), but it got me thinking about all the places I’ve visited/worked because of SCIENCE! Sure, if I’d never got into chemistry (or science), I might still have travelled a lot, but I’m quite surprised at how far science has taken me. I’m sure I’ve missed some, but below are places I’ve worked, conferences and departments I’ve visited, and other places I’ve been to in some kind of professional (rather than personal) capacity. Not bad considering I was either 18 or 19 (can’t remember which) before I first got on an aeroplane – and that was also the first time I set foot outside Britain. (At some point I might get around to annotating the map, but at the moment it’s just a list of places…).

And apologies for not blogging for a very looooooooong time… normal service not quite ready to resume, but this is a start!

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1 Response to Where I’ve been (in the name of SCIENCE!)

  1. Azaprins says:

    That’s a cool map, you’ve been to a lot of places! Glad you’re blogging again.

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