The road to hell?

Well, it is my good intention that this site turns into a blog at some point. With witty and insightful posts as well as regular updates (we can all dream a little can’t we…). Stranger things have happened.

I imagine that many of the posts will probably have a chemical-ish slant to them. Maybe. But this isn’t really going to be solely a ‘professional’ blog – there will likely be some personal odds and sods too. Probably not any pictures of kittens, but there are almost certainly enough of those on the web already.

In the meantime, consider this a placeholder. If you’re curious, there is a page dedicated to the publications stemming from the work I did in my previous life as a scientist and also a page highlighting other things I have written since. And if you want to find out a little more about me, there’s a page for that too.

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1 Response to The road to hell?

  1. Looking forward to the witty and insightful! I’m sure that’s what we’re all aiming for :)

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