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The times they aren’t a-changin’

Thanks to @drpeterrodgers for pointing out these two chemistry-related articles from Nature in 1970. First up, is Chemists are Like Dodos (you need to be a subscriber — sorry), which looks at a report by Prof. Colin Eaborn entitled, ‘Committee of … Continue reading

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The periodic table of Twitter

So, you’re a chemist and you’ve finally decided to find out what all the fuss is about with this thing called Twitter. You decide to sign up, but, for whatever reason, you don’t fancy using your own name. Maybe an … Continue reading

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Where you all come from to read this stuff

I see that Henry Rzepa just put up a post about where the readers of his blog come from. 144 countries, with India at number 3, and so on. I thought I’d put mine up for comparison — these are … Continue reading

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My #overlyhonestmethods story

Single crystals suitable for X-ray crystallographic analysis were obtained when a solution of the salt in EtOAc/nC6H14/MeCN was allowed to stand at 20 °C for about 1 d. That sentence appears in the X-ray characterization section of only the second … Continue reading

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