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The molecular TIE fighter

Where did the inspiration for the TIE fighters in Star Wars come from? Well, we surely can’t rule out that George Lucas read this Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie paper from 1953 and was particularly struck by the following … Continue reading

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How the job market used to work…

For reasons that will become apparent in a few months (it’s not that exciting), I have spent a lot of today looking at papers associated with the discovery and early structural studies of ferrocene. I have come across wonderful footnotes … Continue reading

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8 years

On this day eight years ago, I arrived for my first day of work at Nature Publishing Group (NPG). During my time at NPG, I have: – helped to launch two journals (Nature Nanotechnology and Nature Chemistry) – had three … Continue reading

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10 quick cover-letter tips for submitting scientific papers

This is more a list of don’ts than dos; there’s a serious blog post/editorial that needs to be written about how to write an effective cover letter, but for now, here’s a quick checklist for you all… 1. Send in … Continue reading

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Time out

We have this great thing here in the UK called parental leave. So great in fact, I’m taking some. I’ve just closed my work laptop, turned off the work e-mail account on my iDevices and that’s it for the next … Continue reading

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Communicating chemistry at #15acc

I’ve just had the honour of taking part in the Editors’ forum at the 15th Asian Chemical Congress. Here’s a pdf copy (click on the image below) of my slides for those of you who might be interested in seeing … Continue reading

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Editor, edited

I was very pleased to be asked to write the introduction for Scientific American’s feature timed to coincide with this year’s Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting — the 63rd incarnation of the meeting, and this one dedicated to chemistry. The feature … Continue reading

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The wisdom of Google

After discovering the (absolutely genius) @GooglePoetics twitter feed last night, I was curious to see what Google search autocomplete had to say in a few other cases… The first choice was obvious: Well, at least ‘fun’ comes before the other … Continue reading

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The last writes

Earlier this week I was looking through the references of a paper that will eventually be published in Nature Chemistry and I noticed the name ‘Brown, H. C.’ in one of them. After checking out the paper in question, I … Continue reading

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Citation circles

Here’s another slide – some chemistry journal citation stats; interpret as you see fit!

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